Low Vision Product Guide

Unable to be corrected by standard eyeglasses, contacts, eye surgery, and vision therapy; low vision effects millions of individuals, all ages, worldwide. The need for low vision assistive devices continues to increase as visual independence continues to be sought after, for quality of life desired. Many companies have developed low vision products to meet the visual tasks faced daily by those individuals living with low vision. Each low vision product is designed to function in one, if not many, areas of visual support. Particular low vision aids will better correspond with specific vision supporting tasks. Regardless of the low vision product, every vision-enhancing tool is designed to enlarge the image, or text, and to provide visual aid to the task at hand.

Low Vision Product by Task

It ought to be mentioned as a general rule; nearly all low vision products are equipped to assist with the task of reading. The variable of the low vision product is often what kind of reading, how long the usage period, and where is the location of reading? For example, a handheld magnifier (electric or traditional) might be the right choice for carrying with you, used when reading a menu, dialing numbers on the phone, reading bus schedules, and other shorter periods of reading. While a desktop magnifier may be the correct low vision product for extended reading, like when studying, enjoying a book, writing, and working on the computer. Combining many of the daily tasks of an individual’s life, and creating a low vision product that can be operated in multiple capacities is desirable. This flexibility of task and visual aid is available through certain desktop and portable magnifiers.

Reading on-the-go Low Vision Product- The Handheld Magnifier: This includes in the house reading of labels, dates on food or milk, mail, shorter period magazine viewing, and other household mobile visual tasks. The handheld magnifier is also ideal for carrying on a purse on worn on the belt, and can be used when reading a menu, newspaper, directions, and is a useful tool for viewing money, receipts, and credit card slips.

The Multi-Tasking Low Vision Product – Portable Electronic Magnifier: Through the use of a camera and a flexible arm, the camera can be angled in most any direction, focused to gather a clear image, and display in real-time, the visual information being gathered. These low vision devices are useful at work and school, as the information across the room (on a board or presentation) is gathered and displayed on a personal monitor. Also these magnifiers may be used for more close up viewing like, books, writing, hobbies, offering computer connectivity, and more. With the real-time viewing and adjustable camera direction, self-viewing helps for applying make-up, shaving, and other self-grooming tasks. The portable electronic low vision product family is perhaps the most flexible in home and at work, low vision tool.

Low Vision Product Work Station – Desktop Magnifier: Overviewed above, the desktop magnifier is a low vision product with a lot of flexibility. For the individual seeking to have a stationary location at home or in the office, select desktop magnifiers or CCTV (closed circuit television) magnifiers provide powerful magnification for reading, writing, arts and crafts, computer works, and more. Many of the desktop magnifiers are equipped with advance viewing modes meeting the visual needs for supporting both short and extended period visual tasks. A stationary desktop low vision product may be the best tool for business, home work and leisure, as a single location visual aid.