Visual Independence for Individuals with Diabetic Retinopathy

During the first stage of diabetic retinopathy, no additional vision assistance tools may be necessary as there may be little to no change in vision at all. As the stages progress, surgical intervention and utilization of diabetic retinopathy products may be necessary. Surgery, commonly a treatment called Scatter laser, will preserve the remaining sight with a slight possible compromise of color and nighttime vision. With the post-operative remaining sight, specialized diabetic retinopathy products are available to enhance vision with the purpose of visual independence.

Create Independence and Visual Support

Making changes in the home to create an environment supportive of visual enhancement will allow for greater vision success. For individuals with diabetic retinopathy it is always imperative to monitor and maintain safe blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. This positive step is the first step in properly supporting your vision. It is also important to say on schedule. Keeping a routine annual comprehensive eye exam, will allow your eye care specialist to observe the progression and severity of diabetic retinopathy. If there is need for procedural intervention, regular exams will aid in timely action.

Simple to advance diabetic retinopathy products are available today for in home, at the office, and on-the-go visual assistance. For on-the-go diabetic retinopathy products, portable electronic magnifiers provide excellent vision assistance in the palm of your hand. Most portable electronic magnifiers are designed to be carried with you in your purse or on your belt, and offer varying features.

At the office diabetic retinopathy products aid in maintaining professional and academic lifestyles for professional and students with low vision. With the design of an arm-mounted camera, a desktop video magnifier is the perfect tool for the job. By aiming the camera and adjusting the position of the arm, images from across the room are gathered and displayed on a desktop screen before you. This ability to gather information from across the room and display it in real time is useful with classroom white boards and office presentations. These arm mounted desktop magnifiers are also great for the close up work of reading, writing, and enjoying hobby activities.
A useful diabetic retinopathy product in the home also as with the adjustable arm, the camera may be focused on any image, including yourself when preparing for the day. Aiming the camera at yourself while grooming will display your image on the screen and allow for greater magnification and clarity than a standard magnification mirror.

More diabetic retinopathy products are available such as stationary desktop magnifiers, head mounting vision enhanced optics, and other handheld magnification devices. Through the advances in technology, utilizing remaining vision and enjoying a certain quality of life is made possible.