Overview of the Electronic Magnifier

Taking the principle of the traditional magnifying glass and combining it with innovative technology, the electronic magnifier presents itself in several forms. Whether portable or stationary, electronic magnifiers provide increased visual assistance to individuals with low vision, often combining features for magnification strength and screen viewing as the fundamental components.

Types of Electronic Magnifiers

Handheld electronic magnifiers are generally small and easy to use. Do not be deceived by the word “small” as pertains to the size of the device, many styles of the electronic magnifier provide more than 12x power magnification and be displayed on LCD High definition screens from around to 3.5” to 6.5”. Depending on the model and manufacturer of the handheld magnifier, features above increased magnification may be available to greater assist low vision. Commonly lightweight, the handheld electronic magnifier is prefect for everyday use. Able to be carried in a purse or a pocket, they are often the go anywhere, low vision tool.

Portable electronic magnifiers (larger than the handheld electronic magnifier), is generally designed to be carried easily yet still provide powerful magnification. Requiring the connection to a screen (like a monitor or a laptop), the portable magnifier often proves useful at work or at school. The weight of these magnifiers may range around 3-5 lbs, and come equipped with features like image capture, computer connectivity, custom color mode, contrast selection, and more.

Portable viewing panels are another form of the electronic magnifier. Granting the ability to read anywhere at anytime, these devises use camera technology and screen attachment to display images and print for easy viewing. The panel magnifiers rest atop the images or the text and provide a real-time display of the image on a screen or monitor. Some manufactures offer a panel electronic magnifier equipped with its own specially designed screen, as well as panel magnifiers which do not come standard with screen, yet are geared to be used in conjunction with a laptop or computer connection.

Desktop electronic magnifiers have the ability to provide tremendous magnification power, advance features, and may be used for a variety of tasks. Some desktop electronic magnifiers are designed with flexibility for multiple uses such as the standard, reading and writing, yet are capable of doing much more like self-viewing (mirror imaging for grooming), and computer/media connectivity. Additional viewing options may be available for added visual support while some electronic magnifier models tailor towards aiding specific low vision challenges.