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Pebble – Hand Held Portable Electronic Magnifier FAQ

Q. Why is the power not working?
A. Make sure the battery is charged and correctly inserted into the unit. Press the power button for more than 1 second and the Pebble should turn on. If the power does not turn on, try using the Pebble power supply. Most likely the battery needs to be charged.
Q. Why is my Pebble making a Beeping sound?
A. This indicates that the batteries need to be recharged or replaced soon. Pebble will sound a beep once every 30 seconds when less than 3 minutes of battery power remain.
Q. What if the unit turns OFF suddenly?
A. To conserve power, your Pebble will automatically turn off the LCD after 3 minutes of non-use. This is not a malfunction.
First make sure the correct batteries being used and do they need to be charged or replaced.
If the Pebble is still not turning on connect the power supply to see if it is a battery issue. Press the power button for more than 1 second and the Pebble should turn on.
Q. Why is my image quality dark?
A. If a picture is present on the display but excessively dims in Color mode, check the lights under the unit. A light should clearly be visible. If no lights are ON call Enhanced Vision Tech Support at (800) 440-9476, (714) 465-3400 or evsupport@enhancedvision.com.
Q. Why is the image blurry?
A. Can be caused by fingerprints or dirt on the glass underneath the unit. Make sure the glass is cleaned with a lens cleaning cloth. Use the cleaning cloth or a cotton swab only when needed. Hold or place Pebble directly on the target material to read. Pebble is designed to be in focus when positioned on the target material. 
Q. Why are my controls not responding?
A. This maybe caused by a control in mid position. Make sure that none of the buttons are stuck between two different positions. Check that the FREEZE button can clearly be depressed. A distinct click feeling should be felt.
Q. Why is my battery not charging?
A. Make sure the Pebble Power Supply is used with the unit. Check and see if the battery is properly inserted. Pebble will recharge depleted batteries or partially depleted as long as it is plugged into the Pebble power supply.

Q. Why is my picture not active?
A. Check to make sure the FREEZE button is not stuck. A click feeling should be clearly felt when depressed. The FREEZE button must be pressed for at least 1 second.
Q. Why is my Pebble unit warm to the touch?
A. Your Pebble integrates a camera, LCD and battery charging unit inside a small very package, but is designed to be completely safe and does not pose a risk of fire or damage. It is normal for the Pebble to become warm (sometimes, very warm) after extended periods of use. However, this is completely normal and does not indicate a malfunction.
Q. In case of a problem, how can I get my system serviced?
A. For questions or to arrange for product service, please contact Enhanced Vision’s customer service team, Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm PST at  (800) 440-9476, (714) 465-3400 or evsupport@enhancedvision.com. We will contact you within 24 hours to provide instructions and a return authorization number.