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Q. Why is the power not working?

A. Push the Power button on the JORDY Control Unit. The button lights up GREEN to indicate the power is ON.

Make sure the Battery is charged for power and correctly inserted into the Control Unit. Completely insert the correct AC power adapter into an AC outlet and into the JORDY Control Unit



Q. Why is the green light on the control unit blinking?

A. Battery is low. Charge the battery using the charger provided in your case.



Q. What if the unit turns OFF suddenly?

A. Check the Battery to make sure it is fully charged and correctly inserted into the Control Unit.

Make sure the correct AC Adapter is completely inserted into the outlet and into the JORDY Control Unit. Press the Power button on the Control Unit to turn ON the system.


Q. Why are my JORDY glasses not fitting properly?

A. Adjust the head strap or tension adjusters as necessary to fit your head. Adjust the nose piece. Install over-the-head strap (available upon request).


Q. Why is the image flickering?

A. Battery power is low. Check the Battery to make sure it is fully charged. Charge the Battery using the Charger.


Q. Why is the image dark?

A. Adjust the brightness on the Control Unit. Make sure there is proper lighting for JORDY. Check the optical displays on JORDY to make sure they are clean. You will want to reduce the brightness setting in the sunlight and increase it in lower light environments.


Q. Why is the image too light?

A. Adjust the brightness on the Control Unit or use the glare shields to eliminate direct sunlight.


Q. Why is the image blurry or not in focus?

A. Can be caused by fingerprints or dirt on the optical surfaces. Make sure the optical surfaces are cleaned with the lens cleaning cloth. Use the cleaning cloth or a cotton swab only when needed.

If using JORDY for reading, make sure the reading lens is closed for up-close, high-level magnification when above level 6.

Start at the lowest magnification. When you are able to see the text in focus, increase the magnification to the level that is needed.

Pick up the reading material and hold it about 9 – 12 inches away from the glasses. You may need to adjust the reading material closer or further away from the JORDY. You can practice this so that you will become aware of the focal distance at different levels of magnification.

When the reading lens is closed, the unit will not focus at high levels of magnification when the reading material is 12 – 36 inches away. You may also hold the reading material at a much closer distance (1 – 4 inches away); however, you will only be able to use the lower magnification levels while reading the material at closer distances.

If you wear prescription glasses for distance viewing, you need to keep your glasses on while wearing the JORDY glasses. The image inside the glasses is presented as if the user is viewing a TV with a 60″ screen 5 feet away.

If using the JORDY for distance viewing, open the reading lens and make sure the camera lens is clean.

Try adjusting your body position in closer to or further away from the object at various levels of magnification.

Deactivate the Focus Lock function.


Q. In case of a problem, how can I get my system serviced?

A. For questions or to arrange for product service, please contact Enhanced Vision’s customer service team, Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm PST at

(800) 440-9476, (714) 465-3400 or evsupport@enhancedvision.com. We will contact you within 24 hours to provide instructions and a return authorization number.