Windows Viewer Software for Transformer

Click on the Download like below to download the newest Viewer software to your computer. After the download has completed, launch the downloaded file to begin the installation process. Follow the on-screen instructions shown by the software installer.

Release Date Version Notes Download
10/01/2014 4.0.18 Windows 8 and 8.1 Compatible!
EV Viewer 4.0.18 application software is supported on Transformer devices purchased after August 28, 2013 that contain Firmware version 03.04.07 or later. If you experience any issues when running EV Viewer 4.0.18 with older versions of the Transformer Firmware, then please roll back to a previous EV Viewer version. If you still experience issues or have additional questions, you may contact Technical Support.
10/28/2013 4.0.5 Adds Swedish language translation. Download
10/12/2012 4.0.1 Compatible with ZoomText 10.0 and higher ONLY. Download
3/7/2012 2.1.0 Compatible with ZoomText 9.X and LOWER. Download

Once the software update is installed, the next time the Transformer is used, it will ask to copy the updated software to the Transformer (see image below). This will ensure that your Transformer will always install the newest software when connected to new computers.

Transformer Install Warning

Click “Yes” to upgrade the Transformer. After the upgrade is completed, the Transformer will reset and begin displaying video again.