Please enter the serial number located on the inside arm of your Transformer device into the field below. If your Transformer is compatible with the viewer application for Mac OS you will be directed to the download page.

We are sorry, your transformer is not compatible with Viewer for Mac.
Important Information Regarding Your Device:
Your device requires a firmware update to version 03.04.04 to work with the Viewer for Mac Application. Please download firmware update. If you have already installed the version 03.04.04 firmware update or you are sure that your device has firmware version 03.04.04 installed you may click here to install the Viewer for Mac Application. If you do not have a Windows PC with Windows 7 installed to perform the firmware update OR if you are unsure what version of firmware is currently on your Transformer please call 1-800-440-9476 ext.3 for technical support.
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