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“It’s amazing what I can do and see now with this equipment,” said Bergum.  “Enhanced Vision has made it possible for me to have a professional career that I love and compete with my sighted colleagues.  It’s just unreal the impact it has had on me, professionally and personally.”

Kyle Bergum, Microsoft Manager

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DaVinci HD/OCR
DaVinci is a high performance desktop video magnifier (CCTV), featuring HD, text-to-speech (OCR) and..
Acrobat HD ultra
Acrobat HD ultra’s new Sony® Full HD 3-in-1 camera provides the best image quality availab..
Acrobat HD ultra mini
Portable Battery Operated Electronic Magnifier  See near, far and everything in between with..
Amigo HD
Portable HD Desktop Magnifier On The Go! High Definition • Lightweight • Portable Amigo HD dis..
Merlin Elite HD/OCR
Merlin elite is a high performance desktop video magnifier (CCTV), featuring HD and text-to-speech (..
VGA/USB Compatible – Portable – Lightweight  ​Connects to monitor, laptop and desktop comput..
Acrobat HD ultra Long Arm
Longer arm provides flexibility to work on larger projects. You can configure the Acrobat in a varie..
Acrobat HD ultra Short Arm
Free-standing short arm is easy to transport and offers great stability. You can configure the Acrob..