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“The Merlin is the best investment I have made for myself in a long time. Nobody can put a price tag on being able to read, write and see my mail again!”

Jeff Helms, CA

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DaVinci HD/OCR
DaVinci is a high performance desktop video magnifier (CCTV), featuring HD, text-to-speech (OCR) and..
Acrobat HD ultra
Acrobat HD ultra’s new Sony® Full HD 3-in-1 camera provides the best image quality availab..
Acrobat HD ultra mini
Portable Battery Operated Electronic Magnifier  See near, far and everything in between with..
Amigo HD
Portable HD Desktop Magnifier On The Go! High Definition • Lightweight • Portable Amigo HD dis..
Merlin Elite HD/OCR
Merlin elite is a high performance desktop video magnifier (CCTV), featuring HD and text-to-speech (..
Merlin LCD
Merlin offers the greatest value and picture quality available. Boasting an ergonomic design, this f..
For a powerful and affordable digital magnifier that is simple to use – look no further than Max. Us..