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Life requires that we follow certain rules. There, their is a perfect example. It demands that you know when to use one or write the other.

One of the most interesting things I have found is that I am not really a rules kind of gal. That in some ways makes it easier to do what I want and not what others want me to do.

My whole life I have had very strong entrepreneurial skills. When I was eight years old I invented a Swiffer like product. I could see the value of not needing to continuously keep dipping the mop into the bucket. It is much easier to bring the water to the mop rather than the mop to the water.

At the age of five I also had thought of the car air bag much before they became an option and then mandatory.

A few years ago I went so far as to get a Provisional Patent on a product I lovingly named Smile Spots Toothpaste Dots. It was a single application for toothpaste. I thought it was a great idea as I got so tired of either over or under loading my toothbrush. Sadly Colgate-Palmolive did not share in the enthusiasm I wanted. The idea sits waiting for its time to come.

I am not discouraged by these things. In fact I am rather bolstered all the more as things I have thought about come to fruition. It means that I am not on the wrong track at all.

Looking for work is a lot like these rule dilemmas. There (not their) are lots of rules with which one must subscribe to be successful in this arena. We must act like show-ponies and prance around to the tune someone is playing and hope that the nice outfit, pleasant hair style, glowing recommendations are enough to get you a sideways glance.

I am not as rebellious as to say those things are not important. We should all look our best, put our best foot forward but not at the expense of falsifying who we are.

So rules in life are like those in the English language. Hard and fast. It is imperative you know them and follow then accordingly.

The visually impaired get to add another layer to that happy cake of work. We get to be the sprinkles on the top. Window dressing. Something that could be scraped off if desired. We have to be a little too sweet as no one likes a disconsolate person. People ought to know their (not there) thread in the whole fabric. Either we are the fringe and are unraveling quickly Orin the center of the garment protected by society so we do not get any unnecessary wear?

What if we were allowed to make our own rules and way in the world? What would happen then if we were allowed to be functioning members of society and valued by the things we can bring?

I still have some wacky ideas of things I would like to do and accomplish before I breathe my last.

Writing is very important and I would like to explore that as an option. It is outside of mainstream, and that is fine with me.

Maybe I could have a job in an office where I can encourage people and be a problem solver. I have great organization skills and a great sense of humor. Certainly those values are marketable. I am a person of integrity and think a little out on the edge. That is not a bad thing.

So there, their, don’t worry so much about the rules society sets. Challenge them and make some waves. Ride the surf into a new future that you are in charge of.

Blessings, Denise