Share Your Story – August

Share Your Story – August

Posted on Jul.28, 2010, by , under Inspirational Stories

The following story was submitted by one of our readers and I think we can all agree that Babe is a true inspiration and a perfect fit for this section. Our thanks go out to her son who was kind enough to share this with us.

“My mother will be 99 years young in September 2010. When she was 91 she had been reading (one of her most favorite things to do) and she suddenly felt a pain in her eye. She lost clarity and things became hazy to the point she could no longer read her book.”

I contacted the Winston Salem, NC branch of Duke Eye Center and we had an appointment within 72 hours( Friday to Monday). She was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration (wet) and scheduled for surgery at Duke University Hospital Eye Center.

The procedure was still relatively young at that time and it is called macular translocation. She was such a trooper and endured two extensive operations involving moving of the retina to have the eye spot look “around” the area affecting it. She seemed to have some of her vision return to almost normal but I believe her age was against a total recovery and she eventually had a relapse where the macular degeneration won.

Today she still thinks positive and “reads” her books which I get her through one of the audio book companies online. She is sharp as a tack and after doing her “chores” around the house she goes back to “reading” her book. She discusses the book in length with whoever will listen and this is one of the things which keeps her alive, alert and always positive. I only hope that I would have half of the guts to face adversity like hers should I ever have it to happen to me.

“Mom” is an inspiration to everyone who knows her and always has a positive attitude.
Submitted by: Barry R. Jones (son of Viola J. Jones nickname “Babe”)