Britain’s Most Avid Reader, 91, Has Borrowed 25,000 Library Books & is Partially Sighted

Britain’s Most Avid Reader, 91, Has Borrowed 25,000 Library Books & is Partially Sighted

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Louise Brown, 91, has read up to a dozen books a week since 1946 without incurring a single fine for late returns.

She borrows mainly large print books because she is partially sighted, and has almost worked her way through her local library’s entire stock.
Library staff in Stranraer, Dumfries and Galloway, say the pensioner’s rapacious reading habits over 60 years could earn her a place in the record books.

Mrs Brown, a widow, said: “My parents were great readers and I’ve always loved books. I started reading when I was five and have never stopped. I like anything I can get my hands on.”

She said her favourite genres are family sagas, historical novels and war stories, but added: “I also like Mills and Boon for light reading at night.”

She said she had read too many books to have a favourite or top five, but if she had to choose a preferred genre it would be family sagas or historical novels.

Louise Pride, her daughter, said: “She has aids to help her sight and usually borrows large print books. But the trouble is she has read nearly all of them in the local library. She still finds time to ready a newspaper every day and to watch TV.”

Welsh-born Mrs Brown joined a library in Castle Douglas, near Stranraer, in 1946 when she moved there after getting married.

Seven years ago she moved to Stranraer to live with her daughter and has been regularly borrowing books from the library ever since.

Over the past six decades she has borrowed at least six books every week throughout each year and has recently increased that to about 12 every seven days.

Janice Goldie, of Dumfries and Galloway Libraries, said: “We are amazed at Mrs Brown’s achievements. When she first joined the library service she was allowed to borrow six books a week. This has now risen to 12 and she always takes her full quota.

“Although she has borrowed nearly 25,000 books, she has never once had to pay an overdue charge.The staff at Stranraer Library think she’s a remarkable lady and look forward to her weekly visits. They would like to know if anyone can beat her reading record.”

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