Blind Athlete Gerrard Gosens Joins Dancing With The Stars (Australian Series)

Blind Athlete Gerrard Gosens Joins Dancing With The Stars (Australian Series)

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He’s a triple Paralympian and tried to climb Mount Everest, but congenitally blind Gerrard Gosens says he is facing his toughest challenge.

Gosens, of Brisbane, also co-piloted an ultralight motorglider, but says that signing on for the TV show Dancing With The Stars is by far the most terrifying thing he has ever done.

“Without a doubt there are kilometres between this and anything else,” he said.

Gosens, 38, is the first celebrity signed for the Seven Network dance contest, which will screen later this year, and said he was looking forward to challenging perceptions by being the first blind dancer on the show.

The US version of the show featured deaf actor Marlee Matlin as a dancer last year.

Gosens has been partnered with dancer Jessica Raffa, who already has experience teaching the blind to dance. As of yesterday afternoon they had a total of four days of dance rehearsal – which is all the dance experience he has ever had.

“I’m starting from scratch. It is a huge learning curve,” Gosens said.

Although there was one false start earlier in his life.

“I will never forget when I was 10 years old at a school disco, where my mates shoved me forward on to the dance floor, to dance with a girl,” he said.

“Unfortunately, due to the noise of the music, it was not until I returned to my mates that I was told I had cut the girl out and danced with a boy for two songs.”

Gosens said appearing on the show would be an “absolutely sensational opportunity”.

Seven has confirmed that Daniel MacPherson and Sonia Kruger will return to host the new series, which will air later this year.

Previous celebrity dancers have included Queenslanders Wendell Sailor, Pauline Hanson and David Graham, as well as Kimberley Davies, Todd Woodbridge, Michael Klim, Jennifer Hawkins, Ky Hurst and Patti Newton.

Last year’s winner was Home & Away heartthrob Luke Jacobz.

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