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Fill In the

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We all have a lot of choices when it comes to words and how we use them.

Today I am going to give you an opportunity to use your words to fill in the blanks and see what you are thinking about.

This is not like multiple-guess tests that we all hated/loved as a student.

This is just an opportunity for you to see how you would finish the line of thought.

A few of them I will give you choices but for the most part you will be the one choosing how you want to answer these statements.

Let’s get started.

Today is a great day to _____.  Choose from the following:

sleep in, go out and cut the grass, read a good book, call a friend.

My favorite kind of food is ______.

anyone I do not have to cook, anything spicy like me, bland due to my stomach issues, any kind as all foods are my friends.

Now that you get the ____ I will let you figure the rest out on your own.

When I see a person with a _______ I get _______.

It is _______ for me to ________ things people say.

As I consider ______ my next step is ________.

Today we have _______ possibilities to _______.

If it were me, I would _________.

The _________ is harder than it first appeared.

When I first met you, I thought _________.

Now after getting to know you, I ________.

As for me and my house _______.

__________ the whole thing feels so ________.

If you really took the time to do that I ______ you (applaud).

Let’s change the rules and we now will play the game a little differently.

Now picture that those fill in the blank lines are all the things you have no access to.  The words now become a bunch of words that stand in a group but without the pivotal thought or phrase they are just that, words on a page with no relevance.

What about the two statements I gave you choices for. What if you would have wanted to have answered in a manner not in line with my thinking. If I was heavy-handed and said that those were your only choices how would you feel about that?

How can these difficulties be overcome and be fixed?

What if someone taught you how to interpret what is being said and helped you make up a list of words that might apply. What if a few people came along and they all got together to try and understand what your thoughts and concerns were. They could help everyone to put value and words to those items also.

What if it seemed like too much work to go through the exercise of filling in the blanks and you passed over the challenge of this exercise. A lot was missed and no growth was made.

This was a silly and superficial way of looking at how much time to invest in different things.

If you played along today, I thank you. It may show a willingness to take time to do things that seem silly but still may challenge your thinking.

Blessings, Denise

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