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Over the last few nights I have been having a difficult time sleeping. That is not exactly true as I have been sleeping well I have just been so very busy dreaming.

Strange odd conglomerations of things all banding together to try to make a story in my sleeping head.

I have mentioned my dream patterns before and I guess I am not done talking about them.

It seems like I am trying to work out some issues in my sleep that I have not been able to deal with in my waking time.

I can remember strands of the dreams and all I know for sure is that they are lively and exhausting,

Something about things happening in threes and lots of color.

I was describing one such scene to my husband as we were standing in a beautiful old house with lots of rooms. I was attempting to pick colors for the walls. What is funny that amidst this seeming incidental item there were deep and dark undertones to the dream? Almost like it was a subterfuge for something much more sinister.

As I neared the dream walls of the home they had on then the most beautiful combinations of colors of white, bubble gum pink and sea foam green that I had ever experienced. This is especially charming as I no longer have color vision in real life. So seeing these vivid colors in my dreams brewed a flood of joy.

In the dream I commented on how lovely the colors were and then exiting and re-entering the room the walls had changed to a very deep, deep red color. It too was lovely but for a very different reason.

The mind is a tricky thing and either in waking or in sleep you have to appreciate the intricacies of how many things are all going on at once.

Seeing things that are no longer there but still being able to get a real sense of them is wonderful.

In our waking moments do we take time to reflect upon the unseen things to appreciate the value they add to the tangible things that are in front of us?

To still see in my dreams gives me hope that I am seeing the world through eyes that still capture the meaning. My retinas are just not letting me see it outwardly but inwardly I still see with better than perfect vision.

Blessings, Denise

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