Introducing Acrobat HD

Introducing Acrobat HD

Posted on May.09, 2013, under Enhanced Vision News, Enhanced Vision News - Media, Press Releases

Enhanced Vision Introduces the Acrobat HD, a Flexible High Definition Magnifier Offering Independence for the Visually Impaired

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., May 9, 2013 — For the last five years, Enhanced Vision’s popular Acrobat CCTV has been a mainstay in classrooms, offices, and homes, providing visually impaired individuals with effective up close and distance magnification. Taking this proven solution one step further, they’ve now introduced the Acrobat HD, giving the low vision community extraordinarily sharp high definition images while retaining the same features and compact flexibility as its predecessor.

The standard definition Acrobat has a 480i camera, similar to many CCTVs on the market, but the Acrobat HD ups the ante to a crisp and cool HD 720p, giving consumers a beautiful display. With images this sharp and vibrant, blurry letters and light glare are not a problem, even at high magnification levels. True color representation and better text readability offer the user a more enjoyable reading experience. High quality visuals and sleek portability make this the ultimate low vision solution.

With high definition being the new standard for desktop magnifiers, the Acrobat HD delivers industrial grade visuals capable of picking up tiny, minute details from the smallest microchips, to imperfections in fine jewelry, or the inner workings of a delicate pocket watch. The Acrobat’s Sony HD camera eliminates the glare and distortion that would degrade an image with increased magnification, allowing the user to zoom all the way in without a loss in quality. Conversely, it can be refreshing to adjust the magnification on a busy picture and discover details that were invisible to the naked eye.

Field of View
The large 27″ screen holds a clear, sharp image even at magnification levels up to 90x.  A large field of view easily fits the entire 6 column width of a large newspaper; Users no longer have to keep moving the paper or book around, making the experience effortless and relaxing. This is the first time Enhanced Vision has offered a 27″ flat screen CCTV, providing low vision users with a viewing area capable of fitting large or even multiple documents, all with room to spare.

The Acrobat HD is available in long or short arm options, offering flexibility for almost any situation or environment. The Sony HD auto focus 3-in-1 camera can be moved around for up close or distance viewing, making this an ideal low vision solution for schools and offices. Point the camera at yourself for a mirror image, making grooming and putting on makeup easier than ever. Carrying cases are available for the 22″ and 24″ Acrobat HD, providing convenient pick up and go portability.  Powerful magnification with vibrant clarity, along with flexibility and convenience, make Acrobat HD the definitive desktop CCTV.

About Low Vision
Currently, more than 15 million people in the United States are diagnosed with a visual impairment, such as Macular Degeneration or Glaucoma, which makes daily activities like reading, writing, and working a real challenge.  Considering that this number is expected to double within the next decade, leading eye care specialists agree that video magnification is an effective low vision solution. Enhanced Vision continues to design the most powerful and affordable low vision magnifiers available, with the intention of restoring confidence in the lives of anyone who yearns to see clearly.

About Enhanced Vision
Enhanced Vision is the leading developer of innovative low vision magnifiers designed specifically for people who struggle with low vision due to macular degeneration, and/or other visual impairments. The company offers a comprehensive line of electronic magnifying solutions, giving thousands the chance to regain their visual independence by providing the ability to read, write, watch TV, and other activities they used to cherish. Products like the portable Pebble handheld give users the ability to travel anywhere with an all-in-one adjustable magnifier. Enhanced Vision’s new High Definition CCTVs feature text-to-speech technology, giving users the option of having documents, books, and magazines read aloud. All of these products are designed and built at the corporate office in Huntington Beach, California. Enhanced Vision products are available in more than 70 countries worldwide.

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