Enhanced Vision Partners with the Braille Institute of America

Enhanced Vision Partners with the Braille Institute of America

Posted on Oct.08, 2010, under Enhanced Vision News

Enhanced Vision is honored to be partnering with the Braille Institute of America on many different projects and campaigns this year. The Braille Institute is a nonprofit organization that provides hope and encourage for the blind and visually impaired through educational, social and recreation programs and services.

The Braille Institute provides programs and services to over 75,000 people at their five Southern California center and through more than 350 Community Outreach locations.

In order to support Braille Institute’s cause, Enhanced Vision donates a Pebble hand-held magnifier monthly to each of the five centers as a giveaway to one of their visitors.

Enhanced Vision has a Drawing Box located inside each of Braille Centers. All a visitor needs to do is fill out a Drawing form and submit it into the box. At the end of every month, a winner’s name is pulled at all five centers and a Pebble is given away.

We are so happy to hear about the great success the giveaways has been so far. The winners have expressed great joy and have already benefited greatly with their Pebbles. Enhanced Vision could not be more proud to be involved in such a great cause.

For more information on the Braille Institute of America, click here: http://www.brailleinstitute.org/

To get more great resources and to join Braille’s online community, Solutions in Sight, click here: http://www.solutionsinsight.org/