Helping Blind Veterans

Helping Blind Veterans

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The Charlie Norwood V-A Center is working to help others see the visually impaired in a new light.

Paul Whitten, Director of the V-A Blind Rehabilitation Center, “Our philosophy here is when someone becomes visually impaired and comes thru our doors we actually embrace them and tell them now your apart of our family.”

It’s a family that provides support and guidance to all who come here

“Before I got here I was afraid to go out doors by myself now I can go anywhere I want to.” Avery Brooks is a veteran who served in the navy for nearly 12 years but lost his sight and now he’s at the V-A getting back on his feet.

You don’t feel like you’re by yourself your not alone there’s other people sitting in the same seat that you’re in or riding in the same boat that you’re in

Each year the center will treat about 130 students. To start they’ll go through an eye exam and then a course of action is laid out for each individual and many on staff understand just what they’re going through.

I’ve been thru the adjustment process myself I went blind when I was 22 my last year of college so it was a big adjustment for me

She’s the family outreach coordinator of this 15 bed unit. Her job is to inform the family of what the student has learned…..

I don’t want to have to redo it, but to make sure it stays together check to make sure all of my laces are in line.

5% of the students who come thru this blind center are totally blind , many like this former soldier have low vision. He uses this magnifying machine to help with projects.

These are my initials and I am my father’s son, and I had to respect the U.S.

I wanted to and something to remind me of where I came from the air force emblem

Avery Brooks will soon leave to face the world on his own, but shares this thought, “Don’t look at individuals that are blind or who have a certain handicap don’t look at them as if they cant do nothing don’t look at them as if they’re not smart or they’re lazy, look at them and give them some hope and inspire them cause that’s all everybody needs right now.”

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