ANOTHER Cure for Blindness??? A Contact Lens?

ANOTHER Cure for Blindness??? A Contact Lens?

Posted on Jun.05, 2009, by , under Educational

contactMILLIONS of blind and partially sighted people could be given their sight back after a major breakthrough by scientists. A simple contact lens has been created that has restored sight in just a matter of days.

The revolutionary finding could cure corneal blindness – a condition that affects 5,000 people in Britain and millions worldwide. But the pioneering discovery could have implications for all the world’s 160million blind or partially sighted people – 360,000 in Britain.

Researchers at Australia’s University of New South Wales School of Medical Sciences used patients’ own stem cells grown on a simple contact lens. This was placed into the sufferer’s eye and within days new cells attached themselves to the damaged area. Patients who underwent the simple procedure had their sight significantly improved within weeks.

Not only is the process easy and cheap, it also required a minimal hospital stay, meaning it could be carried out in poor countries.

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