5 Things You Should Know About the Acrobat HD

5 Things You Should Know About the Acrobat HD

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For the last several years, the versatile Acrobat LCD CCTV has proven itself in homes, offices, and classrooms as a flexible and portable low vision solution. Visually impaired users afflicted with eye diseases such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, or diabetic retinopathy may have a profound vision loss that calls for deep magnification. In some cases, a handheld portable just won’t do, and it can be a hassle moving a large CCTV from one location to another. Enhanced Vision created the Acrobat as an effective solution, offering users the unique ability to bring their CCTV with them wherever they go. With an impressive LCD display that gives a clear, beautiful image, the Acrobat has garnered praise from consumers, doctors, and teachers all around the world. This year, the evolution of the Acrobat has entered the realm of High Definition with the release of the brand new Acrobat HD, giving visually impaired users the sharpest display ever seen in a CCTV, with more options than ever. Here are five things you should know about the Acrobat HD:

1. Flat screen HD display comes in 3 different sizes.

For the first time, a 27” flat screen display is available in addition to the 22” and 24” inch screen sizes. The 27” flat screen is a game changer, offering visually impaired users the largest field of view currently available with a CCTV. Able to fit the entire 6 column width of the Wall Street Journal, documents don’t need to be moved or shifted around nearly as much, which means less adjusting and more enjoyment when sitting down with your CCTV. This abundant field of view, combined with impressive, jaw-dropping visuals, makes Acrobat HD the ultimate in low vision assistive technology, capable of up to 90x magnification and everywhere in between.

2. High Definition precision

The Acrobat HD comes equipped with a state of the art Sony HD camera, delivering some seriously impressive colors and details. This upgrade in clarity allows visually impaired consumers to read documents and magazines more effectively, as the text and letters appear clearer with more pronounced edges and spacing. In the past, as magnification was increased, the image would sometimes become “grainy” or distorted. With the Acrobat HD, users can zoom in to the deepest magnification levels without sacrificing the quality of the image. Letters have sharper, defined edges, making them easier to follow and less likely to blur together. In fact, the HD camera reveals details in photos that may have been hidden or invisible before, even to somebody with perfect vision. With such an impressive display, you may find yourself going through old books and magazines, examining collections, and writing more often, now that the Acrobat HD delivers the crisp, visual quality you’ve been waiting for.

3. A CCTV on the go

Perhaps the Acrobat LCD’s most talked about feature was its convenient compatibility, allowing consumers to bring their CCTV with them outside of the home and into the field. The Acrobat HD retains the same convenience and portability, with rolling cases available for the 22” and 24” inch models. Simply pack the screen, arm, and camera into the case and take the Acrobat HD to work or school with you, then back home again, hassle free. It used to be unheard of for somebody with low vision to drag their CCTV around with them, but this year, Enhanced Vision encourages it.

4. Options

Not only is the new Acrobat HD easy to move around and gorgeous to look at, but it still has the long / short arm options that made its predecessor so popular in the first place. Users can choose between the compact short arm, ideal for tight spaces like classrooms, and the long arm, which provides plenty of space for arts and crafts. With 3 different screen sizes, 2 different X Y tables for placing reading materials, and a detachable camera with USB / VGA / DVI connectivity, users can have their own Acrobat HD tailor made for their specific needs.

5. Go ahead and try one

The exceptional Acrobat HD also comes with exceptional customer service. In addition to coming with a 2-year warranty, Enhanced Vision is one of the few companies that has a nationwide distribution network, making it possible for consumers to have free, no obligation in-home demonstrations at their convenience. When it comes to low vision assistive technology, the only way to know which magnifiers will work best for your unique visual impairment is to try the different options out, and get a feel for which Acrobat HD best suits your needs. Having one of our low vision experts demonstrate the different options will give you a better idea of what works best for you. Call 888-811-3161 and try the Acrobat HD today!

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